Call for Participation

CALL FOR STUDENT MENTORING PROGRAM The Student Mentoring Program is an opportunity to network with senior colleagues and meet peers. Interested students can apply through a simple, non-competitive procedure, by providing a 2-page description of their personal vision for their career (i.e., where they come from, what they are interested in, what their career objectives are) and, most importantly, what their research vision is.  For example, PhD students might wish to describe their PhD proposal and explain why their contributions are relevant for the scientific community.  Students engage in successful projects can provide a summary of the project and outline their own contributions. Students' applications should be endorsed by the their advisers.

All 2-page submissions will be reviewed for review by the Program Committee, with a friendly feedback returned to the students. The objective is to host as many motivated students as possible in the program. Note that there is no endorsement of the scientific contents by the conference.

STUDENT TRAVEL AWARDS - FOR STUDENTS AT US INSTITUTIONS Several travel awards are sponsored by the National Science Foundation for students enrolled in US institutions and participating in the Student Mentoring Program. Students with accepted posters or papers must apply to and participate in the Student Mentoring Program to be eligible for the travel award.

Notice of travel awards will be made prior to the conference. The travel awards will be distributed post-conference in the form of reimbursements against actual travel, registration, and accommodation expenses submitted by the student. The travel award will be contingent on the participating of the awarded student in the Student Mentoring Program at Cluster 2016.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES Send your application to:
Use the subject: Application for IEEE Cluster 2016 Student Mentoring Program


Applications Deadline : August 10, 2016