Student Mentoring

Mentoring Program at Cluster 2016Catching the Cluster spirit!

Why a Mentoring Program at Cluster 2016? Students are our future! They are the future of our research and the Cluster community. The Cluster conference launched a Mentoring Program for PhD, Master, and Undergraduate students in 2014, as a service to the community.
The goal of this program is to help students participate in the conference and build their scientific career as efficiently as possible. The interaction with conference attendees will help student develop their technical skills. The complements and extends the students’ development by fostering the integration of students into the Cluster scientific community, advising them to plan their professional career in academia or industry, improving their scientific communication skills, and providing the students with the right entry points for an efficient networking.

Travel Support for Students at American Instructions A limited number of NSF travel scholarships are available from full time students at American universities; both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible. Students from American universities with papers and posters at the conference should apply for the Mentoring Program at Cluster 2016 in order to be considered for the travel scholarship.
Note: Only full time students from American universities who apply for the Mentoring Program at Cluster 2016 will be considered for the NSF travel support.

Applying to the Mentoring Program The Student Mentoring Program is not just another publication venue. All interested students can apply through a simple, non-competitive procedure, by providing a 2-page description of their person vision for their career, i.e., where they come from, what they are interested in, what their career objectives are, and most importantly, what their research vision is. For example, PhD students might wish to describe their PhD proposal and explain why their contributions are relevant for the scientific community. The student’s adviser should endorse the student’s application. Applicants should include the name and e-mail of the advisor in the application. We will contact the advisor for his/her endorsement.

For being considered, please send your application to:
Use the subject: Application for IEEE Cluster 2016 Student Mentoring Program

Important DateApplications Deadline : August 10, 2016